Course Module

Module 05 & 06 – How to Make Great Video (3 & 10 March 2018)

Date: 3 March 2018 & 10 March 2018

Workshops covering the technical aspects of content creation and video production such as pre production, equipment, direction, camera work, audio recording as well as editing and post production. We’ll also show you how to get started as an sole content creator.

3 March 2018

Topic 1: Pre Production

Headed by Jen Nee, Writer/Producer at Pilgrim Pictures

Topic 2: Independent Filmmaking

Headed by Dee Kosh, YouTuber

Topic 3: Shoots & Direction

Headed by Elvina Farkas, Director, Anue Studios & Guilad Kahn, Founder, AASIA Productions

10 March 2018

Topic 4: Editing

Headed by Ryan Tan & Sylvia Chan from Night Owl Cinematics

Topic 5: Visual FX

Headed by Clement Chia, Creative Director, Offset

Topic 6: Music & Audio Post

Headed by Gerard Fitzgerald, Partner & Composer, Songzu